This another heavily loaded offering from Ntokozo Mbambo recorded live.  The double-disc (see what we mean by heavily loaded) is her fourth offering and consists of 24 songs. “It is the first album I did myself. I told myself that this time I am going to go big and better. I did a collaboration of gospel with hip hop music. This came after I looked at my two daughters enjoying singing hip hop songs and I thought it will be fun to come up with a Godly version of it to accommodate those who love hip hop. I am a worshipper so I did not change my style of music and hip hop is there to compliment my music. It has a lot of testimony and life changing experiences,” she said.
 Ntokozo celebrates 15 years in the gospel music industry this year.
She caught many gospel lovers by surprise when she became the youngest member of sensational gospel group, Joyous Celebration, at the age of 15. She released her debut album called Bambelela in 2001. She featured CJay on track two which is titled Jesus is the way, Mabongi Mabaso on track seven titled Thank you lord. She also featured her husband, Nqubeko Mbatha, on CD 2 and Joe Mettle.  

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Album Tracklist

Disc 1

  1. Bayede kuwe (live)
  2. Jesus is the way
  3. Awesome God
  4. Amandla egazi
  5. Khuleka
  6. Siyabonga Jesu
  7. Thank you Lord
  8. What a friend I found
  9. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
  10. No other name
  11. Jesus I love calling your name
  12. Breathe life

Disc 2

  1. If you believe
  2. Speak to my heart
  3. Eyes on the prize
  4. He cares
  5. Medo wo
  6. Yi naye
  7. Ngcwele Jehova
  8. Ngcweke uyingcwele (holy, you are holy)
  9. Jehovah is your nam
  10. The  Lord’s player (for thine)
  11. Dawning of a new day
  12. We wedwa