Come, all ye saints, and sing with me.
His love and joy have set me free.
The greatest Savior ever, He!
Come praise and sing in Jubilee!
He changed my life with one simple call.
He gained my heart to love Him o’er all.
And now I will praise Him, and tell the whole world.
I love my Jesus forevermore!

Our Lord has been anointed for
Announcing good news to the poor,
Release to captives—ye much more—
The blind, their sight He has restored.

You, Lord, have sent away, released,
Those once oppressed, whose bondage ceased.
You have proclaimed today to be
God’s promised year of Jubilee.

Lord, You have now fulfilled God’s Word;
Your proclamation we have heard.
We join with You, our hearts You’ve stirred;
God’s kingdom’s here, the age has turned.